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Full name - Noah Calhoun

Age - 25

Hair colour - Blonde

Eye colour - Brown


Date of birth - Around 1915

Date of death - 2000's

Noah Calhoun is the main protagonist of the 2004 film,The notebook. He's the boyfriend and later husband of 17 year-old Allie Hamilton.

At a summer carnival in 1940,Noah saw Allie. He fell in love with the wholsome young lady and wanted to go on a date with her. So bad actually,that the dude was willing to risk his life for it.


We never learn what happened to Noah's mother,but it is assumed she either died or left her husband to raise Noah alone.

Noah was always close to his father and considered him a friend.

As a child he had language difficulties,which his father helped him get over by reading Whitman poems. At one point in his life he met Phin,at most likely school,and they became best friends. The duo would eventually fight together in world war ll.

During the summer of 1940, he met Allie,a rich girl who was on vacation with her family. They fell in love and became a lovely couple (not so lovely,but okay). They spent time together everyday, despite Allie's harsh shelduce. They broke up however, after a fight between Allie and her parents,who insulted Noah.

It was time for Allie to leave town,since summer was coming to an end and she had to go to New York. And on top of all that,world war ll had just started,and Noah had to leave too.

At the war,Phin died at the hands of his best friend (Noah). Noah wrote letters to Allie, everyday,for a year. Allie's mother hid them however, tricking Allie into thinking Noah had move on with his life.

During world war ll,Allie worked as a volunteer at a hospital,where she would take care of soldiers. There she met Lon, a soldier who asked her out.

Noah had returned to his hometown,to his father. He sold his house after his death,and built the house Allie wanted (white,with blue windows). She returned to him,at the beginning as a friend,but later revealed her feelings.

Lon understood Allie's feelings,and let her free.

Years later,Noah would die next to Allie,the love of his life at a hospital.


Noah is sophisticated. He says the best thing is love that awakens the soul-not sex,not money,but love. He enjoys his life despite being poor and working as a constructor (which is a pretty good job actually). Noah could be sensitive sometimes,but he would easily get over it and find solutions to problems.

He was able to understand people quickly, telling that Allie is not happy with her parent's decisions.

He usually archives his goals, being passionate and not giving up easily. He was extremely social,and knew how to get attention if he wanted to.

Skills and abilities[]

Humour: Noah is a humorous man. He enjoys making people laugh, especially Allie,who had the fun of her life during their walk at the movies.

Army experience: Having fought in world war ll,Noah most likely knows how to use a gun. He was able to defend himself at war, returning home without a single skratch to his father's surprise.

High strength: Noah also seems to possess high levels of strength, being able to hung from one hand on the carnival wheel (opening scene). He's also seen carrying heavy objects like doors,tables,chairs and other heavy furniture.

Good liar: Despite his overall good personality, Noah wouldn't keep himself from lying to get what he wants. He's also very intelligent, easily outsmarting Allie in nearly every fight they had.

He's the boyfriend and later husband of 17 year-old Allie Hamilton.[]